Alongside my intensive research activities, I have devoted a significant portion of my career to teaching.


  • I am the lead author of the CP-SAT Primer.
  • I am co-organizer and technical lead of the CG:SHOP Challenges, a yearly competition on optimizing hard problems in computational geometry.

Lecturing Experience

Since my postdoctoral tenure, I have had the privilege of independently lecturing and co-designing courses that bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real-world applications.

  • Algorithm Engineering (Co-Lecturer with Phillip Keldenich): This course, which we co-designed, focuses on the efficient implementation of algorithms, emphasizing CPU and memory architecture. It also delves into solving NP-hard optimization problems using various techniques like MIP, CP, SAT, and Heuristics. First offered in the summer term of 2022, it received positive feedback from the participants.
  • Algorithms Lab: This practical lab course allows students to tackle a number of optimization problems and finally apply their newly gained skills to a project of their choice. Its popularity and high demand have led to a selective admission process.

Teaching Assistant Roles

As a teaching assistant, I contributed to several courses and supervised various student-led projects:

  • Assisted in courses on mathematical optimization, algorithm engineering, and approximation algorithms.
  • Supervised multiple software development labs, projects, and thesis work for students across different levels.

Thesis Supervision

Throughout my academic career, I have guided numerous students in their bachelor’s, master’s, and project theses, providing them with insights and methodologies in various areas of computational research.

  • 2024 Computing Coverage Paths with Turn Costs using Dense Meshes
  • 2024 Computing Point Sets with Maximal Dispersion in Polygons
  • 2023 Computing Optimal Solutions for the Travelling Salesman Problem with Dynamic Travel Costs
  • 2023 The Close-Enough Traveling Salesman Problem with Turncost
  • 2023 A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods
  • 2023 Large Neighborhood Search for Pairwise Interaction Sampling of Configurable Systems
  • 2022 Computing feasible tilt assembly sequences with minimal auxiliary tiles
  • 2022 Computing exact solutions to the Close-Enough TSP
  • 2022 Optimierung der Kommunikation in Multi-Hop-Satellitennetzwerken
  • 2022 Aggregation of particles in 3d using global inputs
  • 2021 Theoretical and practical approaches for optimizing lawn mowing and milling
  • 2021 Generating and Classifying Geometric Graphs with high Diversity
  • 2021 Minimum Scan Cover in 3D mit Erdumlaufbahnen
  • 2021 Algorithmic Methods for Navigating Particle Swarms by Global Force
  • 2021 Instance Sparsification for Hard Geometric Optimization Problems
  • 2021 Berechnung multikriterieller Lösungen für überdeckende Touren mit Scankosten
  • 2021 Berechnung von Farbverläufen mit Multi-Objective Integer Programming
  • 2020 Reinforcement Learning for Navigating Particle Swarms by Global Force
  • 2020 Algorithmic Problems in Inter-Satellite Communication
  • 2019 Evolving Instances for the Experimental Analysis of Algorithms
  • 2019 Lösungsansätze für das Budget Travling Salesman Problem mit GPGPUs
  • 2018 Automated Analysis for Algorithm Engineering with Machine Learning
  • 2017 Algorithmic Methods For Capturing Maximum Weight Geometric Subsets
  • … (this list is incomplete)