Dominik Michael Krupke, M.Sc.


I am currently a PhD-student and research assistant (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the algorithms group (IBR) of the University of Technology in Braunschweig, Germany where I also obtained my bachelor and master degree in computer science. On this website you can find some public material of my researches.

I consider myself as some kind of full-stack algorithm researcher/engineer, engineering and evaluating algorithms to perform well in practice. or doing heavy theoretical proofs (such as solving TOPP 53 in this paper). I have also been involved in multiple projects, e.g. for ESA or Volkswagen. Further, I am a co-organizer and developer for the CG:SHOP Competitions (part of CG Week). Here is a list of my favorite papers I have coauthored:

You can find a full list of my research either here or on Google Scholar. (I don't update my website that often so Google Scholar might be more up to date.)

My research primarily focuses on:

There are a lot of other fields I am interested in like wireless sensor networks (Arduino, Contiki, Wiselib), messing around with microcontrollers and Linux, information systems, artificial intelligence, and security. Currently I try to use data science in order to use experimental results from algorithm engineering to gain theoretical insights, especially for counter-intuitive problems.

If I am not working, you can mostly find me cruising on my Honda CBF 600 motorcycle or my cyclocross bicycle.

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